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Ping plus Monitoring plus History

The essential network utility enhanced for the Mac. Test to see if another computer or server can be located or monitor several systems in a glance.

Bookmarks function provides one screen to monitor up to 250 systems at once. Start with Bookmarks Window allows for one touch monitoring of all your saved pings and functions as a quick connectivity dashboard. All Bookmarks are pinged on open and periodically even when in the background.

Displays times and statistics critical to diagnosing connectivity issues, or seeing just how fast your connection responds. Find out if you can connect to your mail server or troubleshoot your VPN connection. Works over any network connection. Ping from 1 to any number of times or continuously. Search history for quick access to previous pings. Bookmarks allow for monitoring several connections in one glance. Display and function are true to the original utility with an easy to read interface.

Download the popular tool that is used on computer systems throughout the world enhanced for your Mac.

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Mac_Moun10 (Mac Moun10)RT @ScumGame: The latest SCUM update has dropped - ping lock, cargo drops, blueprints, a new naval base, and lots of fancy numbers! More i…

2018/10/20 23:34:14

DafSoap (Damian Wisniewski)Since last update I am getting constantly ping spikes in games (like every 30s) which makes it very hard for me to… https://t.co/BSdC868z67

2018/10/20 18:59:44

strifeychaos (Kia Ming ღ)@khaixlun Ya, most other servers got Mac installer. The ping not very high also. 50 plus??

2018/10/20 16:03:19

discordapp (Discord)@Curtis3321 Oh no, I'm really sorry about the trouble! The next time you find yourself facing issues with ping that… https://t.co/HYTSCIeiDO

2018/10/20 13:21:05

Jameschrispy (James Chrisp)@lisaluvstoast Seeing big Mac ping the ball out to Curtis😍😍

2018/10/20 08:29:16

_steamy_mac (Minister of Loneliness)RT @JKickinit30: Me: Yeah but have you ever seen a vagina shoot ping pong balls? -anytime anyone tries to show me something cool

2018/10/20 05:45:27

Mac_Swede (Marcus Andersson)#LAKings fans the last couple of years: - trade Brown! - he has a bad contract! - he sucks - Brown rules! - Our PP… https://t.co/cDzMB3atQF

2018/10/20 05:00:32

_steamy_mac (Minister of Loneliness)RT @NYorNothing: I’m happy my date didn’t snoop in my medicine cabinet but sad I spent an hour setting up 40 ping pong balls in there for n…

2018/10/20 01:12:48

GreenCombos (Chano)@AlexisAnani Can I get one I got good ping but I have a Mac and can't run good games

2018/10/19 23:07:32

Bredtn_1et (アルム=バンド)RT @_so4: サーバ/NW構築とかでもあると面白いかもと思ってしまった。 「pingを打ちましたがReplyがないようです」 「arpもダメですね、macが拾えていません」 「それもそのはず、先ほど対向NW機器のmaskを間違えて設定しています」 「いつ気付きますかねぇ」

2018/10/19 21:52:16

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販売業者: Intervai LLC リリース: 2011/06/29
バージョン: 1.0.1 対応言語: 英語



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