Baby Change

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* 4つの個別に設定タイマ:おむつの変更、授乳、昼寝に1つずつ、あなたがトラッキングする他のイベントのための第四。




*また、計算されたiPhone、およびiPod touch用にご利用いただけます。
Baby Change makes it easy for parents to remember their babies’ daily events. With Baby Change, you can track the last time a baby ate, took a nap, had a diaper changed, or anything else you would like to track over time. You can even set alarms to remind you when a particular time has elapsed.


* Four individually configurable timers: one each for diaper changes, feedings, naps, and a fourth for any other event you wish to track.

* Set individual alarms for each of timers so that you never let too much time elapse between events.

* A toggle switch for breast feeding that lets you track which breast you should use at the next feeding.

* Baby Change remembers the status of your timers and alarms when you close the app, so you can open and close Baby Change as often as you like without having to restart your timers.

* Also available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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