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そこは、すべて自分で、あるとの前のあなたの夢の女の子が立っています。かなり、彼女ではないか。それから、あなたは一切彼女にアプローチする方法上の手掛かり、単独で彼女との対話を聞かせて絶対にノーを持つ当る。あなたが素晴らしいの新しい女の子に到達する方法についてのアドバイスが必要、考えたり、常に片思いしていたきたあの娘さらに物事を取って停止できないか。私たちはあなたを聞くし、我々 が作成した理由は、'少女求めるいる'。

この 10 部分のビデオ シリーズの特長は、アナベル、当社美しいイギリス生活百科事典の人は本当にあなたのゲームを得ることの秘密を埋めるだろう関係のアドバイス。このアプリは、特別な女の子を取得し、畏敬の念では - 未満のマウスウォッシュのボトルの価格のためにすべてがぶら下がってお友達の顎を残してに役立つ !

☆ 特徴 ☆

⁕ 10 の美しい、高品質のビデオを私たち今まで役立つと魅力的なアナベル

を備え ⁕ - アナベルは人気のあるトピックに答えるし、もタイムリーに

の新しいビデオでは能なしである本当にこのアプリをダウンロードする返信 - あなた自身の質問を提出する能力本文サマリー、極度の低価格の少女を得るために美しいイギリスの女の子によって 10 の高品質のビデオ !
So there you are, all on your own, and in front of you stands the girl of your dreams. Pretty, isn't she? It then hits you that you have absolutely no clue whatsoever on how to approach her, let alone interact with her. Need advice on how to reach out to that amazing new girl you can't stop thinking about, or taking things further with that girl you've always had a crush on? We hear you, and that's why we've created 'Ask a Girl'.

This ten part video series features Annabelle, our beautiful British living encyclopaedia of relationship advice, who will fill you in on the secrets of truly getting your game on. This app will help you get that special girl and leave your friends' jaws hanging in awe - all that for less than the price of a bottle of mouthwash!


⁕ 10 beautiful, high quality videos featuring our ever-helpful and charming Annabelle

⁕ Ability to submit your own questions - Annabelle will answer popular topics and even reply with new videos on a timely basis

Downloading this app really is a no brainer - 10 high quality videos with full text summaries by a beautiful British girl to help you get the girl you want for a super low price!

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BashEya (Sani Bashir)Retweeted Mac Nels (@mac_nels): If Internet Explorer can be brave enough to ask you to set him as your default bro…

2018/04/22 07:57:42

mac_nels (Mac Nels)If Internet Explorer can be brave enough to ask you to set him as your default browser, don't tell me you can't dare to ask a girl out.

2018/04/21 23:57:03

Luneetuh (👑)I feel like eating cabbage, mac n cheese, fried fish and potato salad. Don’t ask me why. This is just a fat girl tweet

2018/04/20 07:17:32

tehhnicole (tessa)Sunsets, odesza, Mac and cheese... what else can a girl ask for? 🤤🌵🌟

2018/04/18 15:32:19

x___mac (Ambs ✨)RT @TrillxLove: In a relationship communication is key. Getting mad at your girl bc she's expressing what upsets her is lame af. Instead of…

2018/04/18 06:24:51

z_mac (it's like sarah but with a Z)RT @imteddybless: if i have to AROUSE a girl before sex then I AM OUT OF MY DEPTH AND AM ALREADY TEXTING MY MUM TO ASK FOR A LIFT HOME‼️ ht…

2018/04/17 03:31:44

mac_1630 (MAD MAC)RT @PaisaTweets_: That's how u ask a girl to prom ‼️💕

2018/04/16 16:57:44

mac_fortier (Mackayla Fortier)RT @MichaelaOkla: Don’t ask a girl about her hoe year it’s personal

2018/04/15 09:10:27

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