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"... like an out-of-this-world mashup of billiards and Lunar Lander ..." - iFanzine

Bobby the Bullet Dude is on a mission to defend the planet from the Evil Green Ball Guys in this pick and and play arcade bouncer. But don't let the simple mechanics fool you, there's nothing easy about beating this game. Make your way through 65 distinct stages with 10 achievements and you and Bobby will be part of the elite few who can claim victory over the bouncing menaces.

The gameplay features the player playing as Bobby, a rocket powered, robotic bullet. The goal of the game is to find a green portal to take you to the next dimension. Green portals are normally unlocked by knocking all of the bouncing balls into the red "black hole" portals, though some levels are mazes with already unlocked portals. Various game elements exist to make your job of knocking balls into portals and navigating more fun and challenging!

Supports Joypad (check the App Store for the free app!) and regular joysticks and gamepads.






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SloukasBey (Kostas)@Sezerrrkarakocc Alamazdı Real çok akıllı takım Bobby girer girmez sürekli iki kişi sıkıştırdilar hep faul yaptılar…

2018/05/23 11:41:52

edved9 (Bring Back The Whale)Chuck Kaiton is the best radio guy in hockey. Bobby Mac, and I am stating this without malice, is unlistenable. S…

2018/05/23 11:19:07

MaxNapster (Jay Boss)@mirtle Hey James. How about Bobby Mac for the Leafs new scouting position? I wonder if he'd be interested?

2018/05/23 09:10:35

rsguthrie (R.S. Guthrie)Bestseller BLACK BEAST is now available on Amazon! Don't miss out on the first in the Detective Bobby Mac series.

2018/05/23 08:19:07

devilsacomplice (Devilsaccomplice)@PCreighton1 Good to know the NFL owners have such a firm grasp on stupidity, 52 man roster, 11 players kneel ther…

2018/05/23 07:26:27

mac_1630 (MAD MAC)RT @LORAFRIMANE: still the best snippet since bobby bitch

2018/05/23 06:23:55

19_bobby (Bobby Lewis)Panera’s Mac n’ cheese is the best. Don’t @ me

2018/05/23 00:31:27

takustaqu (Harada Yayane "Moses" Kiyohide). @XDDesign_ のBobby urban届いた。中身の閲覧性は開きに出来ない以上は諦めなくちゃなんだけど、引き換えに得た容量はなかなかに心強い。防滴なのも素敵。あと、外側にHoloLensを括り付けられる。何気にMacと…

2018/05/22 23:50:34

AHarrington22 (Andrew Harrington)@SteveBurtch according to Bobby Mac, it has to be at least post draft and free agency.

2018/05/22 22:39:50

pirates1969 (laurencethompson)RT @HullVikings: 4⃣4⃣years ago today | #HullVikings lost heavily at home to @falconsfanbase 34-44 at the Boulevard #Hull. #IvanMauger drop…

2018/05/22 20:44:41

ジャンル: ゲーム > アーケード サイズ: 9.5 MB
販売業者: Nooskewl リリース: 2011/09/11
バージョン: 1.6 対応言語: 英語



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