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それは、アプリケーションに単純な使命を振る: を奨励するため、あなたの机から定期的に取得します。

堅い膝腱と一日中 - 振るそれは目的に座ってからの怠惰尻の筋肉を持っていることの疲れていたランナーによる設計は、優しくあなたを思い出させる、それを振るをランダムで 20 ~ 30 分おきの間隔を取得する。

振るそれあなたのシステムのステータス バーに統合し、移動する思い出させるとき通知システムを使用します。
Shake IT is an app with a simple mission: to encourage your to get up from your desk regularly.

Designed by a runner who was tired of having tight hamstrings and lazy glutes from sitting down all day - Shake IT's purpose is to remind you, gently, to get up Shake IT out at random intervals every 20 to 30 minutes.

Shake IT integrates into your systems Status bar and uses the Notifications system when reminding you to move.

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MAC_avery (Maya...)Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go.

2019/05/24 22:05:06

whatevsromanoff (justice4nat :()@nctaliaromanova shake it out - florence + the machine landslide - fleetwood mac natasha - rufus wainwright your te…

2019/05/24 20:17:28

TeeJ_Mac (Anna Ou 😲)Ok I’m agreeing to cap it at 15hrs max per week. Which would shake out to about $25/hr. That’s a DEAL with me onl…

2019/05/24 04:52:53

LibertyNJustic3 (Liberty N. Justice)@lsarsour Thx for the reminder. Time to go get a Big Mac, fries and a shake. And I would tell the workers that if t…

2019/05/24 02:41:00

shake__n__BAKEr (Joseph Baker)RT @DJBooth: Mac Miller's "2009" was about appreciating the highs and lows of life; about accepting that the good times have to end, but on…

2019/05/23 01:31:54

ChopchopRupert (ChopChop Rupert)@TomahawkTakeFS No, game was won, one guy didn't do his job. It wasn't all his fault for sure, unlucky on some weak…

2019/05/22 23:06:54

becauseofthefun (it's)RT @repectthe2nd: @becauseofthefun @ChaskaDaisy @realDonaldTrump Just feed him another Big Mac, fries and a shake. Let nature take it's cou…

2019/05/22 13:21:57

monieeee_mac (Imani Cheyenne 👹)@Nayyibt @Adavis1532 😂😂😂I’m finna shake like it’s a $500 cash prize

2019/05/22 12:24:34

ジャンル: 健康&フィットネス(26位) サイズ: 1.3 MB
販売業者: Infacta Ltd. リリース: 2012/10/31
バージョン: 1.006 対応言語: 英語

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